Intended use:

It is convenient to use adjustable thermostats with normally opened (NO) or normally closed (NC) contact to maintain required temperature inside the control cabinet. These items automatically switch on and off thermal equipment installed in the cabinet, providing optimal conditions for smooth operation of all the control devices. Normally closed thermostats can be used to control heaters operation, while normally opened contact allows regulating filter fans and heat exchangers or switching on signal devices when temperature limit has been exceeded.

Design features:

Essima adjusting thermostats are characterized by a large temperature setting range, compact design and high switching capacity. They are produced in a light grey plastic body with latches for a convenient and reliable mounting on a standard 35 mm DIN rail. Sensitive element of the thermostat is a bimetallic contact which accuracy ranges within ±4°С. Product life can be more than 100 000 switching cycles provided that operation temperature is within -20°С to +80°С and the loads don’t exceed the nominal rates. There are two screw clamps on the front panel of the item for the connection of cables.

Main features:

  • Two thermostat types are available: KTO (NC contact) and KTS (NO contact).
  • Nominal load 10(1)A/250V AC.
  • Temperature setting range 0°С…+60°С.
  • Switch temperature difference 7°С.
  • Protection degree – IP20.
  • Overall dimensions 33х65х39mm.
  • Net weight of the item – 40g.
  • Characteristics

  • Dimensions

  • Schemes


KTO 011


Contact configuration



Setting range

0°C ... +60°С





Sensitive element


Contact resistance

less than 10 mOhm


more than 100 000 cycles

Maximum load

10(1)A at 250VAC

15(1)A at 120VAC

30W at (24...72)VDC


rigid wire

2,5 mm2

stranded wire with ferrule

1,5 mm2

Tightening torque

0,5 N·m

Housing material

plastic according to UL94 V-0, light grey


35 mm DIN rail

Net weight

40 g

Operating/storage temperature


Protection degree


Adjusting thermostats dimensions

KTO 011

KTO 011 thermostat scheme

KTS 011

KTS 011 thermostat scheme